WBZ NewsRadio Carl Steven's Valentine. (Credit: WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens)

WBZ NewsRadio Carl Steven’s Valentine. (Credit: WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens)

BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens shares a Valentine’s Day poem to his new love.

Listen to the poem:

Ode To Brady

I am in love, and it isn’t a lady
It’s my puppy, a black lab named Brady.
When a day is cloudy, his yelp is the sun
He’s full of joy and loves to run.
He chews on my boots, my cap, my gloves
But I don’t care. It’s puppy love.

When he misbehaves I don’t get mad
Whenever he misses the puppy pad,
Or when he cries at 2 a.m.
He’s who he is, and I’m who I am.
He’s like a good pal, a four-legged brother
I think we were made for each other.
A couple of animals doing our best
Rushing around with a grin in our chest.
I do push-ups on the kitchen floor,
I yell ‘Hey Brady’ when I walk in the door.

When I hear that crisp canine ‘Hello,’
I know I’m right where I’ve got to go.
I’m where I belong, and I’m not alone,
Together he and I are home.
It’s February 14th, so here’s what I say:
Hey there, Brady, Happy Valentine’s Day.

In the years to come, we’ll stick together,
Jog along the ocean in all kinds of weather,
And maybe in August, take a dip in the sea,
Me and him, him and me.

This might be the best relationship I find,
I’ve got a lousy track record with the human kind
But Brady and I will keep the course
I don’t think he’ll ask for a dog divorce.

Dependable, faithful, trusting and wise
A grown-up lab is an enduring prize,
But a puppy, a puppy, is quite something else,
He puts the concept of boredom right on the shelf.
He makes a jump a joy, a breath a gift,
He constantly gives my spirit a lift.

So even though he chews on my boots and my gloves,
I happily succumb to this puppy love.


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