BOSTON (CBS) – John Gerah is outraged by what he found in the backyard of his Back Bay condo after the storm.

“I’m apoplectic,” he says. “When I saw this huge pile I thought I can’t shovel this. Have nowhere to put this snow.”

The snow was dumped over Gerah’s six-foot-high fence during the storm by someone from the back alley between Beacon and Marlborough Streets.

“It’s obvious someone took a back-end loader, and dumped snow from the alley way in my yard with complete disregard for what damage was going to occur,” he said.

He contacted the city several times, but with no proof of who dumped the snow, Gerah was told to file a claim.

Plows contracted by the city, as well as private businesses and condo associations were out clearing roads during the storm removing snow. City officials say they are expediting all storm related claims.

But Gerah says this isn’t soon enough. He fears if there is rain, the snow will melt and flood his first floor condo. He’s set up a sump pump and plans to bring in snow melters and pump it out on the back.

And he is determined to do all he can to find out who dumped the snow.

“Some plow dumped 150 yards of snow into my property and thinks they are getting away with it? They are not. It’s that simple,” he says.


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