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At Least 5 Citations Issued By State Police During Blizzard Driving Ban

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Snow is piled in parking spots on Boston.

Snow is piled in parking spots on Boston.

BOSTON (CBS) – State Police say at least five people were issued citations after driving during last weekend’s blizzard driving ban.

State Police say they are still collecting the data and there may have been additional citations issued.

Police say $500 fines were given to two drivers in Central Mass., two in Southeastern Mass., and one on the Mass. Pike.

In one case, a motorist was pulled over in Raynham and cited for not only driving during the ban but also leaving their vehicle running in the middle of the road.

Each of the citations were issued Saturday morning.

State Police Spokesperson David Procopio said the police enforced the Executive Order with discretion.

“Our goal was to preserve and protect public safety, not to punish people. Troopers considered mitigating and aggravating circumstances in deciding whether to issue citations. Several warnings, both written and verbal, were also given,” Procopio said.

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