By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

QUINCY (CBS) – A teenager may have saved his 103-year-old neighbor’s life during the blizzard. Dylan Hughes found the woman in her home freezing without heat or electricity.

Sylvia was taken to the hospital during the blizzard.

Sylvia was taken to the hospital during the blizzard.

Dylan and his dad, Joseph Pereira, were clearing snow as the blizzard roared Saturday morning.

The power had been out for hours in their Quincy neighborhood and Dylan thought of Sylvia, the 103-year-old woman living on his street.

“It was cold in our house and we thought if we’re cold, she’s obviously really cold,” he said.

He went to check on Sylvia and to bring her boiling water and food. It was a good thing he knocked on her door when he did.

“When she answered it, she was shaking a lot,” he said.

Joseph ran to find a working phone. Dylan reached out to his neighbor who had heat through a generator.

“Dylan was struggling through the snow to get to my kitchen door and I said what’s wrong and he said she’s really shivering badly,” said Nancy Bonoli who lives across the street.

Dylan and his dad had to shovel a path uphill so an ambulance could reach Sylvia’s house and shovel her walk so they could roll her out on a stretcher.

“We shoveled like crazy for 20 minutes or so,” said Joseph. “It was very intense.”

When paramedics arrived, Sylvia was nearly hypothermic. Tuesday, however, she told WBZ, “I feel fine.”

The very independent woman is back in her house thanks to the care of neighbors.

“She was very, very thankful that we did it,” Dylan said.

He not only helped save Sylvia – he warmed a lot of hearts during a blizzard.

“My faith in the youth of the world has been renewed,” said his very proud father.


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