WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong reports

BOSTON (CBS) – Not a flake has fallen in almost four days, but Boston is still digging out. During the Tuesday evening rush hour, snow removal equipment blocked streets, as crews tried to push mounds of snow and ice out of the way.

Bob Bacco had to plead for them to leave a space on the sidewalk in front of his Back Bay wine and cheese shop.

“We were digging it out all day long and every time we did it a truck came along and plowed it in again,” he explained.

And by the time the city’s parking ban officially expired at 6pm, there was a mass exodus from parking garages. Thousands of car owners had to get their vehicles out – since the end of the parking ban means an end to the reduced rates they were paying to park somewhere high and dry.

But car owners were forced to find spots in city where hundreds, if not thousands, of on-street parking spaces are filled with snow and inaccessible.

Many resorted to digging out a spot in the icy mess, while others simply parked on top of mounds of snow.


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