NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) – In her Nashua neighborhood Monday, Therese Currier was shoveling her sidewalk, and not waiting for any help.

“I think it’s a lot for the city to do residential,” said Currier. “I think they have enough to do with the roads.”

And that is just how city officials like it.

They want people to pitch in because they just do not have enough crews to get to all 214 miles of sidewalk in town.

Instead, the city focuses on clearing sidewalks that lead to schools and those in business districts where there is more pedestrian traffic.

“We got a good jump on most of those and had all the immediate school areas done for this morning for school,” said Roy Sorenson from Nashua’s Street Department. “We’re still out working on them today.”

Many Nashua neighborhood sidewalks have been cleared by residents but others are untouched, leading a mailman WBZ-TV spotted today to have to walk in the street.

Meantime, at businesses like Topiary Florist, where city crews plowed the sidewalk outside, employees say it is critical for customers to have clear access to the shop, especially in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

“It’s essential,” said Donna Revens. “It’s a big week for us.”

According to the New Hampshire Local Government Center, each community has its own plan when it comes to sidewalks.


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