BOSTON (CBS) –  The MBTA reopened for limited service starting Sunday at 2 p.m., and is expecting to be back at full service for Monday morning’s commute.

MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott spoke at a Sunday afternoon press conference, noting that snow accumulation, downed tree limbs and other damage from high winds and the overall age of the transit system made restoration challenging.

Despite the return to full service, Scott also warned of probable delays.

“Give yourself more time and expect that it is going to take us more time,” Scott advised customers. “But we are going to be fully operational.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

In addition to delays on the rails, authorities are asking drivers to take precautions as crews continue to work on clearing the snow.

“I would caution folks, however, that snow is built up on the shoulder and break-down lane,” said Richard Davey, a Massachusetts Department of Transportation official.

Those snow build ups have led the DOT to prohibit all peak-hour travel in the breakdown lanes of Interstate 95 and Route 3.

As for side streets that have yet to be cleared, Mayor Menino has taken issue with private contractors who appear to have fallen short of expectation.

“I’ve asked my public works person to get a full explanation as to why some of these streets weren’t touched by contractors,” Menino said on Sunday. “They are private contractors, they have to do when they sign a contract with us, and they have to do those streets. I want to know why they haven’t been done.”

Regardless of mode of transportation, Monday looks to feature a messy commute and official are asking that everyone account for the delays and be patient.

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