Sandwich power lines down. (Photo from Kim Tunnicliffe)

Sandwich power lines down. (Photo from Kim Tunnicliffe)

• Keep any exterior vents on your house cleared of snow. That includes furnace, boiler, heating system and dryer vents. Clogged vents could cause a carbon monoxide backup into your house.

• Any running generators should be kept outside and should be properly vented. Generators also give off carbon monoxide.

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• Help dig out fire hydrants and storm drains in your neighborhood.

• Take your time shoveling. Avoid overexertion.

• Use care around downed power lines. Assume a down wire is a live wire.

• Keep off roads to allow plowing operations to proceed smoothly.

• Avoid parking too close to corners, allowing Public Safety vehicles and plows to maneuver safely.

• Never run automobile until exhaust pipe has been cleared of snow.

• Be aware of children playing in the streets, particularly climbing on or running out from behind large snowdrifts. Parents should remind their children to be aware of plowing operations and traffic.

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