By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – This blizzard is a big deal, even for New Englanders who are accustomed to heavy snow. But what about if it’s your first time to experience snow?

Classes are cancelled at campuses across the region, but as Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve found out, some students are still learning about something new today.

I was the kind of day to walk your bike, not ride it, on the Boston University campus, it is also the day for some students to have a whole new experience.

“I love it, it is fun,” said one student.

She is from Singapore and it never snows there. She is looking forward to the blizzard.

Students still got together to meet about a group project. Stephanie is from Austria — and was a little surprised classes were cancelled. She told us in Austria often times you still go to class.

The Boston University campus hosts students from more than 140 countries. Kenneth Elmore, Dean of Students, wants to keep everyone safe.

“Enjoy the snow, but be careful,” he says.

BU student Chris Barberesi is surprised classes were cancelled.

“Boston University never cancels classes but I was happy because I had an 8 am class and I did not have to get up,” he said.

Even though classes are cancelled, there is still plenty of work to do. BU is basically a small city and it is a big job making sure everyone stays safe.

Dean Elmore says, “We have a staff that is here for emergency reasons to make sure in these kinds of situations that people are safe and that things remain clean and clear and that people can eat and sleep in peace around here.”


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