BOSTON (CBS) – The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued an advisory after a child became sick from water in a five gallon bottle.

Health officials recommend that people who have purchased three or five gallon water bottles since November 1, 2012 open and check for possible gasoline odors before using the water.

After Sandy struck the east coast in October, some residents in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut used empty water containers to transport gasoline.

Last week, an Essex County child became ill after drinking from a five gallon Poland Spring water bottle. The bottle originated from the Poland Spring bottling plant in Framingham and was delivered to the child’s home.

The child was treated and released.

Tests conducted by Massachusetts officials showed gasoline contamination. Bottled water that is not in three or five gallon containers is not affected. DPH officials say if you detect an odor, call the water provider and arrange a replacement.


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