BOSTON (CBS) – Good news if you’re a man without a date this Valentine’s Day.

According to a study on Nerd Wallet, an online finance site for 20-somethings, Boston is the number one city for single men.

The study looked at the ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women, the number of bars and gyms, walkability of the city and the price of a “cheap date” consisting of movie and a pizza.

The study found there are only 93 unmarried Boston men for every 100 Boston women, which Nerd Wallet says means bachelors have their pick of dates.

But of course there is a flip side.

Boston may not be the best place for single ladies because women have to battle for men.

If you’re a lady looking for love, it may just be worth a trip to the West Coast.

According to the study, San Francisco won the top spot for single women in the country.


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