By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Gabriel Clarke is a fighter. “I am very proud of him,” his mother Shirley said. “I am very proud of his progress both emotionally and physically.”

January 11th, the 13-year-old was walking to meet his mother at choir practice at Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church on Seaver Street. He was just two blocks away, when someone pulled up and shot him in the stomach. “I got that call and immediately, I went into that mode where I said a gun, he shot. You know, I mean and just realized the impact of it that I could’ve lost him,” she explained.

Gabriel survived and his mother says he’s making a remarkable recovery. “He is just trying to put his life back together and moving forward,” she said. He still has some pain, but is very positive and eager to return to school.

Wednesday afternoon, Shirley Clarke met with police and the District Attorney’s Office. She applauds their work so far and is confident they’ll make an arrest. “I am confident they are doing all they can and I know it is a hard procedure and it is tough and I pray also that the community will work with police,” she said. Boston Police say this is still very much an active investigation.

She isn’t looking for vengeance she says, but would like to see whoever shot her son caught. “To prevent other crimes from happening,” she said. She’s asking anyone with information about the shooting on Humboldt Avenue at Homestead Street to come forward. “It should never happen. We are living where we feel free and that is what we practice and so this should never happen to nobody, no 13-year-old boy, nobody,” she said.

The family has yet to return to their home which is near where Gabriel was shot. His mother says he needed a quiet place to heal. “Gabriel, of course, is in the process of forgiving. We have talked about it.”

The mother of four is incredibly grateful for all the support her son has received. It’s made a difference, she believes, in his recovery. “I’d would like to thank those who support through this crisis because it made a great impact on him knowing that there are not just bad people out there, but there are people who cares,” she said.


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