By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

DOVER, N.H. (CBS) – Jeffrey Gelinas is back in a place that is all too familiar for him; in court and facing a judge.

The 37-years-old travel agent from Manchester is accused of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl in a Bed Bath & Beyond store in Dover.

He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday on an indecent exposure charge. He faces up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine for the misdemeanor.

Court documents say he unzipped his pants and exposed himself in the shower curtain area of the store.

The girl then told her mother who found the man near the drapes that he was ‘holding something over his groin area in a clear attempt to cover something.’

Police released surveillance video of the suspect, and his ex-wife who saw it on the news called police with the tip.

“This place where this happened is a department store, it’s in the main shopping district in Dover,” said Dover Police Lieutenant Brant Dolleman. “It’s something that I think caused probably a lot of people some concern about their children and where they can take their children.”

According to prosecutors, Gelinas has a lengthy record which includes burglary and stalking, and he was the prime suspect in what was called the ‘Jack the Snipper’ cases some 10 years ago.

It was believed Gelinas was the man responsible for walking into several off-campus apartments near the University of New Hampshire and snipping off the clothing of women while they slept.

He was eventually convicted in one burglary case and spent almost seven years in prison.

“It’s definitely a pattern that is disturbing,” said Tim Sullivan, Strafford County Assistant Prosecutor. “And that’s why we’re requesting high cash bail as we do feel at this point he is a safety concern for the community.”

During his time in prison, Gelinas was released in May, 2008 but two months later he was sent back for violating parole. Prosecutors say he was accused of using a magazine to cover-up his groin area while looking at female shoppers for sexual gratification at a Stop & Shop supermarket in Manchester and at a Hannaford supermarket in Bedford.

According to documents obtained by WBZ-TV from the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, his sentence in the burglary case just ended January 30. The alleged crime at Bed Bath & Beyond happened four days later.

The judge ordered Gelinas held on $50,000 cash.

“If there’s any chance it can be lowered, I’m not a flight risk, all my roots are here,” Gelinas told the judge.

The family of the young victim declined to talk about the case when reached at their home today.


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