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Braintree Police: Sophisticated Device To Steal Bank Information Found At ATM

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WBZ-TV's Bill Shields Bill Shields
Bill Shields is a general assignment reporter for WBZ-TV News. He...
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BRAINTREE (CBS) – Investigators say you would have never seen it. A very official-looking metal plate, was installed over the real card-key entry at a bank in order to steal bank information.

The device used in cases like this one, is a real-looking metal plate, installed over the actual key-card entry plate.

Police say this card reader was installed in a local ATM. (Credit: Braintree Police)

Police say this card reader was installed in a local ATM. (Credit: Braintree Police)

So when a customer uses their ATM card to gain entry to the bank, the account information is recorded onto the skimmer.

“A customer found it, when he tried to pull out his card, the plate fell off, ” says Braintree Police Chief Russell Jenkins.

But this thief went one step further; not only did he get the customer’s card information when the door opened, he also installed a tiny camera above the ATM, to get customers’ pin numbers.

But there’s good news, police say no one’s account was compromised.

All the information was contained in the skimmer plate, which is now in the possession of the police.

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