By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

The last time Boston saw Blizzard Watches was back in 2011…the last time Boston hda an official Blizzard was December 2009…it’s been a long time.  Well it is looking like that streak will end as Boston is now under a Blizzard Watch from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon.  The storm is still in two pieces but will merge Friday night south of Nantucket.  Snow will break out early Friday morning and will remain light until mid-afternoon when heavier bands start rotating north into Southern New England.  The peak of the storm will be Friday night and Saturday morning, the storm will be undergoing rapid intensification and heavy bands of snow along with 50-60 mph wind gusts will create blizzard and whiteout conditions.  While the storm is strengthening it will also be slowing down…coming to a halt off of the Cape early Saturday morning.  This will prolong the event giving it an opportunity to go down as one of Boston and Eastern MA biggest snowstorms ever!  The storm will finally start creeping away later Saturday and the snow will taper off in the afternoon.  When it is finally over most of the area is looking at 16-24 inches of snow with the outside chance for locally higher amounts of 30″!  In SE Mass, there will be some mixing at the start but a windshift Friday night will change everything to snow and a foot or more is likely except on the Cape where amounts will be less than a foot.



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