For some reason video tapping yourself while watching your favorite teams in big games is becoming a normal thing now. After games you can find countless videos of people celebrating their team’s win and other people losing their minds because their team lost.

Toucher & Rich hit the internet and found some San Francisco 49ers fans who were very upset about the loss to the Ravens in the big game.

The first video the guys played was of an average reaction of a 49ers fan. The guy just screams his displeasure in a room full of people and they just sit and watch.

The next video is a little bit different, it features a family who watched the game together and it seems that grandma might have had a little too much to drink. After the loss grandma heads to the mirror and starts to draw on her face with red permanent marker. Take that 49ers! Click here to watch. Warning video contains adult language.

One gentleman was upset before the game even started. He was mad at people who pretend to care or know what’s going on with the Super Bowl when it’s clear they don’t watch football ever.


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