BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Red Sox are hoping for big things this season.

After their September collapse in 2011 and a dismal 2012 campaign, 2013 will offer a fresh start with new manager John Farrell and free agent additions Mike Napoli and Ryan Dempster, just to name a few.

In Photos:  Red Sox Truck Day

That fresh start began on Tuesday at Fenway Park, better known as “Truck Day” — the unofficial start of Red Sox Spring Training.

Red Sox uniforms are packed on "Truck Day." (Photo by WBZ-TV's David Wade)

Red Sox uniforms are packed on “Truck Day.” (Photo by WBZ-TV’s David Wade)

The Red Sox equipment truck was loaded up with everything the team will need for spring training and began it’s 1,400+ mile trek to Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon.

Fans sent it off with cheers as a flatbed carrying Wally the Green Monster and a group of Red Sox employees tossing out soft baseballs led the way.

The truck, which reads “Big Things Ahead” on the side, will arrive in Fort Myers later this week. Some Red Sox players have already reported for duty at the team’s complex, getting an early jump on those “big things.”

It may seem silly to get excited about a truck, but its rich symbolism is what had fans outside of Fenway early Tuesday morning.

It’s a sure sign that baseball, and warmer weather, is just around the corner.


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