By Paul Burton

SOUTHBORO (CBS) – Two Golden Retrievers named Rudy and Bruschi are very fortunate to be alive after being pulled out of the icy waters of the Southboro aqueduct.

“The minute I saw them in the water I immediately knew that there was no way they could get out on their own,” owner David Murphy said.

Before the Super Bowl, Murphy said he took his two dogs for a walk at a friend’s house. He didn’t know there was icy water nearby until it was too late.

Both dogs fell right in and could not get out.

David immediately called 911 and as he waited for the rescue he recorded the frightening ordeal on his cell phone. David yelled to his dogs to hold on.

“They were so cold because they had been in there so long. One dog actually went under water a couple of times,” Fire Captain Mark Sadowski said.

With rescue equipment, firefighters were able to pull both dogs out of the water safely.

The Murphys are a big football family which is why they named their dogs Bruschi, after former Patriots linebacker Teddy Bruschi and Rudy, named after the popular football movie.

“It’s great watching the two of them and their names fit them perfectly,” Gail Murphy said.

Thanks to firefighters both of these dogs were back home by the warm fire before the Super Bowl.

“It wasn’t the pregame we were hoping for, but we are so thankful to the firefighters and if our dogs could talk they would thank them as well,” Murphy said.

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