By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – Never thought I would make a prediction that did not deal with the Patriots.

So who’s going to win the Super Bowl? Well, which coach has the hardest job?

John Harbaugh could be considered the best game manager. He’s got Ray, Ed Reed, T-Suggs, Ray Rice and a host of players that have played in big game situations. They have taken a hit in the face before on the big stage and come out swinging for more. What John does is give them that little extra to get over the top.

Jim Harbaugh has a much tougher job. If his young group takes a hit, he has to keep them up. Now, the Niners are a resilient bunch, so this hasn’t been a problem.

I think the last ride will come into affect. This is the last ride for Ray, maybe Ed Reed in a Ravens uniform. Who knows what happens to Flacco when the got to the negotiating table. B-more needs to win now and they will

Ravens 34- Niners 24


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