WESTPORT (CBS) – A stray pit bull that was shot several times is recovering as police look for the person who shot the animal.

The dog, which has since been named Liam, had been seen running around Westport, Mass. for the past two weeks.

It’s not clear exactly when and where Liam may have been shot.

Liam was suffering from pain and exhaustion on Friday when the town’s animal control officer managed to finally capture him.

The dog was immediately taken to Acoset Vet Hospital in Westport, and on Saturday, he was set to be transferred to Handsome Dan’s Pit Bull Rescue in Providence, Rhode Island.

According to Handsome Dan’s, Liam suffered several gunshot wounds around his front right leg. The bone is fractured, and there are several pieces of bullet still in his leg.

Liam is expected to survive, but he needs surgery, and veterinarians may have to amputate the injured leg.

Handsome Dan’s has put out a plea asking for donations to help offset the costs of surgery.

In the meantime, police are asking anyone with information about the shooter to call them.


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