BOSTON (CBS) – A shake-up is underway inside the department in charge of the state’s welfare program.

Daniel J. Curley, the head of the state’s Department of Transitional Assistance has been forced to resign.

Last week, a report found 47,000 families on the welfare rolls are unaccounted for.

The discrepancies were costing taxpayers about $25 million a year.

Governor Patrick said Curley wasn’t getting the job done, and because of some major discrepancies, change was necessary.

“To have one set of answers when we learn about a problem and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it, and another set of answers a couple of weeks later, that’s not acceptable behavior, not in the administration, not to the general public,” Patrick told WBZ-TV Political Editor Jon Keller.

Curley’s agency is also under fire for overpaying federal food stamp recipients by nearly $28 million in the last two years.


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