NEW ORLEANS (CBS) — In the wonderful age of the internet, some companies’ Super Bowl XLVII ads are showing up on the web long before game day, while others are putting out teasers. Either way, we’re getting a look at products from some of the best ad agencies in the business.

Here are some of our favorites that will show up on your TV this on Sunday:


Audi: Audi makes going stag to the prom look awesome.

Hyundai: The car maker uses a tried and true formula in this ad: the underdogs always win.

Kia: Parents will probably get a kick out of Kia’s Super Bowl 2013 Ad entitled “Space Babies.” A trip in the family SUV leads to dad trying to answer the age-old question: “Where do babies come from?”

Volkswagen: Volkswagen’s new ad campaign focuses on being happy. This teaser, featuring reggae singer Jimmy Cliff is sure to make you happy.

Toyota: “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco carrying around purple fairy dust and granting wishes? Check. Soundtrack provided by Skee-lo circa 1995? Check? Man dressed in a bunny suit? Check. It looks like Toyota’s spot has everything you could ever wish for.

Taco Bell: It’s unclear what an old guy destroying stuff on a football field has to do with tacos, but we’ll allow it.

Doritos: This fan submitted homemade-commercial features a dad whose daughter bribes him with a bag of Doritos to play pretty princess.

Pepsi: A two-parter featuring duct tape, jet packs, unicorns, sharks raised in swimming pools, and more…

Bravo, Pepsi. Well done.


Gildan Activewear: A teaser from first-time Super Bowl advertiser Gildan Activewear asks how far one man will go for his favorite t-shirt. It shows the guy waking up dazed in a bedroom with lipstick smeared on his cheek, a blindfold on his head, and furry handcuffs around his wrist. Intrigue with a hint of humor and an insinuation of sex appeal is a proven formula. Definite potential here.

Skechers: With the Niners in the Super Bowl, Sketchers couldn’t have picked a better celebrity spokesperson for this one. Hall of Famer QB Joe Montana. Well played. Added bonus: Ronnie Lott teaches us why you should never mess with Montana.

Go Daddy: In the past, Go Daddy has made a name for itself with racy Super Bowl ads. Not this time though. They opt for a clever approach.


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