Spoiler alert: Information in this report will giveaway a major plot twist in a recent episode.

BOSTON (CBS) – Social media came alive Sunday night after Sybil Crowley, a character on Downton Abbey died after suffering from preeclampsia.

Eleni Tsigas, executive director of the Preeclampsia Foundation spoke to WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Diane Stern about the disease and the extraordinary response on Facebook and Twitter from women during and after the episode aired on Masterpiece’s Theatre.

While Downton Abbey takes place in the early 1900’s, Tsigas says some of the plot lines  in the episodes are still happening today.

“We’ve obviously come along ways and women have a much stronger position in society than they did 100 years ago,” Tsigas said. “But nonetheless, the level of information that pregnant woman are getting about preeclampsia is practically nil. Less than half of pregnant women learn anything about it during their pregnancy.”

Listen to the full interview here


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