BOSTON (CBS) – They’re hip, young musicians who play classical music, and they want kids to know, that’s cool.

The Discovery Ensemble takes their love of music into schools to show children what’s behind the songs and the instruments. Together, they introduce young people to a different world.

We got to watch the magic at the St. Rose School in Chelsea.

The workshop put on by the Discovery Ensemble is part of the chamber orchestra’s mission, and the only one of its’ kind in Boston.

“What we try to do is take away the barriers that they might feel from classical music,” says Courtney Lewis, the orchestra’s conductor and one of its’ founders.

Lewis, and cellist and education director Michal Shein lead the effort.

“We really aim to have the kids be very, very engaged. So that no matter what we play, they’re interested in this music that they’re not hearing that much,” says Shein.

Many of the players introduce their instruments to the kids. From the clarinets playing a tune from Mario Brothers, to the bassoon playing the theme to Jaws, they show the kids a different way to listen. On the day we joined them, the Ensemble took the young people behind the scenes of the overture from The Barber of Seville by Rossini.

“When it’s presented in the right way, with the right type of energy, in a way that kids can relate to, they love it,” says Lewis.

And the young people “get it.”

“I really enjoyed it because of all the instruments. They told us how they worked and how all the music was just beautiful,” says 5th grader Thaomi Nguyen.

And 3rd grader Charles Fentress says, “I learned that you don’t have to be afraid to play instruments and as long as you practice and practice and practice you’ll be really good.”

These workshops are free to the schools. The Discovery Ensemble performs Friday night at Sanders Theatre in Cambridge.

For more information about the Ensemble:

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