By Christina Hager, WBZ-TVBy Christina Hager

BROOKLINE (CBS) – Another Boston University student has been robbed in a Brookline neighborhood, and this time it was more brutal.

“Two individuals actually jumped someone from behind, pulled the victim to the ground, and the victim sustained two stab wounds,” said Brookline Police Lt. Philip Harrington. According to the police report, police noticed “blood soaking through layers of clothing.”

The 30-year-old post-doctoral student and researcher told police he saw two men sitting on some steps in front of a Pleasant Street apartment building. He says they’re the ones who punched him and stole his laptop, iPad, and phone. It was dark, 8:30 p.m., so he did not get a good look at them.

Boston University sent an emergency alert email to all students. “It’s definitely a little bit alarming that weapons are now being used and now I feel very unsafe just walking by myself,” said one student. Brookline Police say they’ve gotten so many calls from concerned neighbors, they’re organizing a community meeting for them.

It was in the same neighborhood, earlier this month, where five people were robbed, including three Boston University students. Police arrested one of two suspects just last week. Police also made an arrest in October after a string of similar incidents.

“They’re targeting people with electronics, and who look like they have stuff,” said Baileigh Hightower, a student who lives in the neighborhood. Wednesday, B.U.’s president sent out a campus-wide letter calling for officials to “reevaluate current procedures and seek new approaches” to safety procedures.


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