The Patriots loss to the Ravens in the AFC Championship game didn’t just mark the end of the season for New England, it also marked the end of a career. After 36 years and 744 games as the “Voice of the New England Patriots,” Gil Santos is retiring.

So the search is on for a new play-by-play announcer to work beside Scott Zolak for the 2013 season. Toucher & Rich thought why just interview the big names? Let’s give someone who might not come to mind, but has a fan following, a shot at the gig.

So they turned to good friend of the show, Mike “Behind the Mic” Callahan. You’ve all heard the parody songs he writes and sends in to the show — tackling news and sports stories alike with his sharp wit and unparalleled lyricism.

Rich put him in the studio with some film from the Patriots’ Week 14 win over the Texans. Callahan’s skills were not quite where they needed to be; at some points he was just watching the game and neglected to inform “the listeners” what was going on.

Rich thought maybe if he got Zolak in to really give it the feel of an actual game things might get better. Unfortunately, Zo gets left to do both jobs.

While listening, just think if this were the actual call of the game. Fred did, and thought he’d love to hear the phone calls that would come in during the broadcasts.


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