By Lisa Hughes

SOMERVILLE (CBS) – Marine Captain Colleen Farrell is celebrating the biggest change in the military since the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Because of the lawsuit she joined, women are no longer banned from combat. If they meet the same standards as men, they’ll qualify for the same jobs. Farrell applauds the decision, arguing women have already been risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan for years.

“There are no front lines anymore,” says Farrell. “Women who are on convoys can get hit by IEDs or be attacked. So the entire country of Afghanistan is the front line.”

Captain Farrell spent eight months on patrol in Helmand Province building trust between the U.S. military and the Afghan people. She joined the lawsuit to give women more opportunities both in war zones and in leadership. Combat experience gives women a better chance at moving up the ranks.

“Women have already been doing this and it’s time that they get the recognition they deserve,” Farrell said. “It’s a monumental step in the right direction.”

Captain Farrell calls serving in the Marines in Afghanistan the experience of a lifetime. And says lifting the ban on women in combat will only make the world’s greatest military stronger.


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