BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich on Thursday, talking about Doc Rivers’ latest outburst at the team and tonight’s game against the Knicks at the TD Garden.

Doc Rivers lashed out at his team again on Sunday, opting not to take questions after their 103-88 loss in Detroit but delivering his message that the team’s effort — or lack there of — was not acceptable.

“It was very out of character for Doc. It should have been a heads up for the rest of the team,” said Gorman. “If you go back a few years ago, or even last year, if you look at Doc’s comments they were consistently ‘I love this team, we’re going to be fine.’ No matter how it looked, he kept saying that. That’s not the story this time around. He’s not pleased with the lack of focus, he’s not pleased with the lack of a sense of urgency. He seems frustrated now, more than I remember him during his time in Boston.”

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“He feels he’s pushed most of the buttons he knows how to push and hasn’t gotten seen the reaction he needs to see,” Gorman added. “This is beyond Doc now, this is internally with these guys. They have to rise up themselves.”

“The Celtics do have some very good parts, but I don’t know how many they have that can fit together,” said Gorman. “It’s one thing, we were talking earlier in the year to give this team time –20 games, 30 games – but we’re now 41 games into the season. You should have your identity right now; you should know who you are and have a sense of consistency on the court. The Celtics really don’t have any of those things at the present time.”

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Danny Ainge is one of the few GMs that is willing to pull the trigger on nearly any move if it means improving his team, but who does Gorman think is untouchable on the Celtics right now?

“How about if I begin this with ‘I’d like to think.’ I’d like to think Sullinger and Bradley are untouchable. I’d like to think Pierce, Garnett are untouchable,” he said.

What about point guard Rondo?

“I don’t think he’s untouchable,” Gorman said.

As for Thursday night, the Celtics welcome the Knicks to the Garden in their first match-up since the famous Kevin Garnet-Carmelo Anthony incident back on January 7. Should we expect more fireworks between the two rivals tonight?

“I think the building is going to rock. The crowd will be all over the Knicks,” said Gorman. “Despite the fact, I was just reading the New York Post a few minutes ago and Melo says it’s all over between (him and Garnett) – it’s not all over. Kevin Garnett is not going to change the way he plays, and he’ll be talking two minutes into the game.”

“I guess it all comes down to whether breakfast cereal comes up as a topic,” joked Gorman, noting that Celtics fans will also be tossing some cereal jokes out at Anthony tonight.  “This is going to be a rough night for Melo.”


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