BOSTON (CBS) — The days of kids sticking their trading cards in their bicycle spokes are long gone, and with the advancements in technology utilized by Keepr Media, that’s a very good thing.

WBZ Radio Sports Director Walt Perkins talked with former Baltimore Colt and NFL great Tom Matte, who has worked on the new-age trading cards of NFL legends.

“It really looks like a credit card. It has a USB port on it … and we put about 45 minutes of select highlights and interviews from NFL Films, capturing many of each player’s greatest and most memorable moments,” Matte told Perkins. “We put this all on the USB port and you have the opportunity to play it back. You can pull up pictures, you can pull up statistics, you have the Hall of Fame interviews, the two-minute offense, you get some other players from around the league who played back then.”

The first 10 players featured on the high-tech cards are Mike Ditka, Franco Harris, Sonny Jurgensen, Howie Long, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, Phil Simms, Deion Sanders, Roger Staubach and Johnny Unitas.

Matte is no stranger to new technology. He was forced to convert from running back to quarterback and had to use a wristband to keep track of his team’s plays while on the field, a development Matte says was necessary in order for him to run the offense. That wristband actually now sits in the Hall of Fame.

“I wish I had patented the damn thing, because I would’ve made a fortune on it!” Matte said. “Everybody’s using it. You’ll see a whole team with wristbands on [now].”

Regarding the Keepr technology, available to check out at, Matte said he’s excited about what they provide fans.

“It’s sort of a fun deal, it brings back many, many memories, and it’s a great collectible, I can tell you that. And it’ll last — it’s the new-age collectible,” Matte said. “We’re looking forward to creating a new technology for trading cards.”


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