By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

PETERBOROUGH, NH (CBS) – Surveillance video has been released in a jewelry store heist in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

The owners of Hobbs Jewelers estimate about $100,000 in jewels was stolen.

Two men and two women entered the shop just before closing time last week.

Co-owner Jacqueline Hobbs was the only one in the showroom and her teenage son was in the back room.

Hobbs says one of the suspects showed a gun and ordered her to fill white trash bags with engagement rings, wedding bands, watches, and gems like rubies and emeralds.

“They were just yelling at me to hurry,” says Hobbs.

The local landmark has been around for 48 years and the owners say they have never been robbed before.

Hobbs says the four suspects left after about three minutes.

“They told me to get on the floor and count to a hundred before I got up,” said Hobbs.

Nobody was hurt and no customers were inside the shop at the time.

The suspects may have taken off in a black Mercedes.

Hobbs says they were not wearing gloves and police were able to take fingerprints.

Peterborough Police hope surveillance video will lead to a good tip.


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