A Blog by Gary LaPierre

That’s what you did for me New England Patriots….all the way down here in Florida…..you embarrassed yourselves….and me….beyond redemption.    Yes I know, who am I to be embarrassed when I have nothing whatsoever to do with the team, the game of football and not a nickel riding on the outcome, but I’ll tell ya, when a proud New Englander is talking up the virtues of what may be the best team in all of football pulls off a stunt like it did against the Ravens……….THAT…..is total embarrassment.   And against a team of thugs no less…some of them convicted thugs!!!!

The game is 60-minutes long guys…..not 30-minutes…..and when you guys fiddley-farted around as you did for the entire second half, the last 30-minutes of the entire season, you should be hangin’ your helmets low……all of you……from Tom Brady on down.   You couldn’t throw the ball, you couldn’t run the ball, you couldn’t catch the ball, you couldn’t stop the pass, couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t tackle your grandmother nor manage the clock.  And what did your Coach do?    Nothing!  The supposed genius of the NFL didn’t come up with a single thing to stop this gang of thugs from Baltimore from rubbing your nose in it.   Flacco is a hell of a quarterback, I’ll give you that, but Belichick…..you had nothin’……..nothing to defend against anything Flacco did during the entire second half……….”Hey Coach Bill…what’s up with that???”    Sure your overpaid players let you down, there’s a reason Robert Kraft paid about 175-million dollars for that team nearly 20-years ago and I doubt it was to be humiliated as he must have been Sunday.      $7.5 million a year Coach Bill…….the highest coaching salary in sports……for that performance?

I am embarrassed Coach and you and everybody else should be as well.


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