NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) – A 65-year-old man is in jail accused of murdering his sister.

Duane Rolfe is expected to be arraigned Tuesday for killing Judith Rolfe, 66.

Neighbors saw Duane Rolfe under arrest outside the home where the siblings lived in Nashua, New Hampshire on Saturday.

“They took a guy out of here that was covered in blood,” said neighbor Kenneth Gurski. “He looked like he didn’t sleep.”

The siblings ran McDonald’s Kitchenware Shop in downtown Nashua, a local landmark for decades.

“I think she was dedicated to him, as far as taking care of him and stuff like that,” said Gary Hendricks who owns the business next door, Gary’s Boot’n Shoe Repair.

Hendricks says Duane Rolfe spent three months in a hospital last year.

He also says Judith Rolfe had surgery on Tuesday on her foot, and their store was closed last week while she recuperated.

Police and prosecutors have not released details on a motive or how Judith Rolfe was killed.

“She’d come out and talk to me about the neighborhood, she lived here for a very long time,” recalls Gurski.


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