The only thing between the Patriots and a second straight Super Bowl appearance was the Ravens, and unfortunately for the Pats the Ravens were the better team in Sunday’s AFC Championship.

The Patriots offense struggled to get into a groove and only found the end zone once in the 28-13 loss, while the defense sorely missed injured corner Aqib Talib in the second half.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Monday to talk about dealing with a playoff loss, Wes Welker’s future with the Pats and the team’s top priority in the off-season.

When a team loses during the regular season, there’s time to work on what went wrong and go out next week and try to win again. But in the playoffs things come to a grinding halt and the season ends abruptly. How do players get over playoff loses?

“I don’t really remember playoff losses. The one loss that I remember is that ’07 Super Bowl loss and I distinctly remember the feeling,” said Colvin. “It’s like you got hit in the stomach and it’s hard to deal with because you put so much into it.”

Now with the season over for the Pats it’s time to start looking forward to next year. Wes Welker played the 2012 season under the franchise tag and prepares to enter free agency. If the Patriots try to low ball the wide receiver will he move on?

“I think it depends on where you are in your career,” said Colvin. “So you say, is he comfortable with what he’s already accumulated to stay here in New England to be in a system where he knows they’re going to use him the right way? There’s not a place in the NFL that he can go where he’s going to be utilized and as productive — other than maybe Denver — that he’s going to be able to play like this. I don’t see or foresee Wes leaving.”

Colvin believes that because of what Welker means to the New England offense they should offer him a multi-year deal, but also believes that signing Welker isn’t the biggest priority this off-season.

“They’ve got to get a corner. They’ve got to get somebody that the defense can use as they did with Talib when he came through,” said Colvin. “They’ve got to find someone who can be out there consistently every game because that’s when the game changed.”

Should the Patriots bring you bring Aqib Talib back? Find out what Colvin thinks:


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