BOSTON (CBS) – Gov. Deval Patrick is revealing more details about his plan to raise taxes in Massachusetts.

Read: Patrick’s Proposal (PowerPoint)

In addition to his desire to raise the personal income tax a percentage point to 6.25-percent, Patrick also wants to tie the state’s 21-cent-a-gallon gas tax to inflation, and raise MBTA fares and road and bridge tolls by five percent every two years.

“This is our best take at how to responsibly deal, for a decade or more, with a lot of neglect and do it in a way that will create a lot of jobs and growth,” he told WBZ’s NewsRadio 1030’s Dan Rea on NightSide.

The governor also wants to eliminate 45 personal state income tax exemptions – including deductions for college tuitions, Social Security taxes and dependents under age 12.

Patrick will file his budget proposal next week.


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