By Ken MacLeod

FITCHBURG (CBS) – A mother and her young daughter are recovering from a dog attack in Fitchburg.

A panicked 911 call summoned police to a duplex on High Street where they found a 3-year-old girl bitten on the face and bleeding in the hallway. The pit bull also bit into the mother’s arm.

“I’m not real sure of the location of the attack,” said Fitchburg Police Sgt. Glenn Fossa. “However we know that there is no direct relationship between the dog and the victims.”

Police believe the woman in the other half of the duplex was caring for the dog because his owner is in jail.

A knife-wielding neighbor helped corral the attacking the dog before police arrived and animal control officers captured him. The dog was euthanized.

A woman at the home where the attack happened would not speak on camera, but said both victims would be OK.

Police say it is too early to tell whether or not there will be any criminal charges.


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