In May of 2012, Matt Light announced he was retiring after ten years in the NFL.

Light spent his entire career with the Patriots, and in his first year out of the game he’s watching his former team make another push for the Super Bowl.

Light joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Friday to talk about being away from the game, the Patriots and Ravens meeting up once again in the AFC Championship, and how much stock can be put into bulletin-board material.

The Ravens and Patriots met earlier this season with the Ravens winning that match up by one point on a last second field goal. Could things go differently this time, since these two teams have made changes since that late-September meeting? Could the Ravens’ familiarity of this Pats team come into play?

“Your familiarity with a team goes into your confidence and goes into how you game plan,” said Light. “That will definitely play into it.”

Every week there’s talk of not giving the other team anything that will help get them motivated in the form of bulletin-board material. Last week against the Texans it was an article by Dan Shaughnessy. This week, it’s an actual billboard counting down to Ray Lewis’ retirement party. Does that bulletin-board material really make a difference or is it overrated?

“Yeah it definitely is [overrated],” said Light. “I’m looking forward to the retirement party, I think that would be great. As far as having an effect on the game, the players have an effect on the game. Whatever they’re doing internally and preparation-wise will determine who wins that thing. It’s definitely not going to be anything written or talked about, or I don’t know, put up bulletin-board.”

How much of that kind of material did Bill Belichick actually present to the team?

“If anything, it was to get a laugh,” professed Light.

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