By Bill Shields

WORCESTER (CBS) – Did you hear the one about the surgeon, who traveled the world, helping heal kids?

Except on Sundays, when the Patriots were playing at home. True.

Dr. David Kim is a plastic surgeon, and often travels to third-world countries to operate on kids with deformities. And when the surgery is done, his patients not only have new hands or repaired faces, they also have Patriots jerseys or t-shirts.

“They have no idea about American football, so I’m compelled to spread the word about Patriots Nation,” Kim said.

Dr. Kim is a plastic surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester and he’s been a season ticket holder for over two decades.

Even when he was working in Philadelphia, he never missed a home game.

“I would drive or fly up to Foxboro. I grew up in the Boston area, and as a kid, I dreamed of playing for the Patriots. Now, I just cheer,” he said.

In 2011, the Patriots organization named Dr. Kim “Fan of the Year.”

“It’s not about how much you cheer, or how you wave your pom poms. It’s also about how much you give back to the community.”

And it’s clear that Dr. kim gives a lot back to the world community.

WIN: Raffle tickets are on sale to watch Sunday’s game with former Patriot Matt Light.


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