By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It was only a few inches but the timing was terrible…the morning commute was a mess.  Thankfully, the storm was a fast mover and only dropped 2-4″ with some locally higher amounts inland.  A lot of the snow was a very wet and turned into slush and slop…also, many areas south of Boston saw rain.  With falling temps into the upper 20s tonight refreezing will take place so icy patches will greet you early in the morning…please be careful!

If you didn’t get all the snow and slop off the driveway, don’t worry, you’ll get another chance tomorrow…sunshine and temps near 40 will soften everything up again.  By tomorrow evening that window will close as an arctic front races through and temps will be in the singe digits and teens by Friday morning.  Along with falling temps, some areas will see a little snow tomorrow night.  A large ocean nor’easter will form well to our south but some of the moisture on the northern edge will interact with the incoming arctic air and snow will break out for a few hours very early Friday morning over the Cape and Islands and a couple of inches can be expected by mid Friday morning.  There is also a good chance that ocean effect snow showers will form along the South Shore and could put down coatings as far north as Boston.

Following this grazing of snow, Friday will likely be the coldest day of the season with highs in the mid 20s!


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