A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Alright all my lefty friends……did you see this?  I’m agreeing with the President…..not about too many things, but when he spoke to the nation about toughening some of the gun laws, I was nodding my head in approval.    Hear that Diane?  Rick?  Joanne?  Joe?    Savor the moment because this is the first positive thing from me since he took office and could easily be the last in my mind, but when the President says we’ve got to stop producing and selling large magazine automatic assault weapons (except for military purposes) he’s correct.   When he says we’ve got to have universal background checks for licensing people with firearms he’s correct.    Maintain mental health reports on gun owners…yes.   Ban armor-piercing ammunition…yes. Wow this is really cathartic for me, a man who has always respected the office of the President of the United States, and for the first time in this administration anyway, I’m in total agreement with the above.

But…….and you knew that was coming didn’t you……..But, I disagree wholeheartedly with the way he did it…..i.e. using little kids, planted in the front row in the room, to be innocent puppets for a national discussion on the 2nd amendment.   This is a discussion of protection, life and death, violence, war, murder and mayhem and anyone looking for anything more than cheap political points would never exploit young children to make their point.     Oh and did you hear the poignant analogy that “weapons used in the theater of war, do not belong in a movie theater.”     Let me write this down….this could be in the history books someday.   ;-(      I think that was even in the teleprompter…..how prothetic!   I’m not a gun guy but I’m a strong supporter of the second amendment.  There are many perfectly sane reasons for people to own guns and I will forever defend that right, but I’ve got to part company, big-time, with the NRA and gun zealots who think there’s any good reason to have assault weapons on the public marketplace.   I actually worked for many years with a guy who owns at least one of these things……magazine clips that will hold forty-leven rounds of ammunition and he used to insist, “I enjoy going to the range and firing it.”   He may be the last person I know who should own such a weapon.   It’s nonsense.

The President is also correct when he says “none of these changes, constitutional or otherwise, will prevent another mass shooting” and that’s even the argument of the NRA….it won’t.  If Barack just goes back to his hometown he’ll find 500 dead bodies with bullet holes in them…..from the last year alone.   BHO was going to demonized either way…..do this, or do nothing…but the NRA and the right-wing gun-nuts who believe the laws are fine as they are, are dead-wrong……….DEAD wrong.


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