By, Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

It’s been over two weeks since we had any substantial snow and our recent thaw melted it all away but tomorrow we will replenish those depleted and dirty snowpiles with most receiving several inches of snow.

A boundary between very warm air and very cold air has settled just south of New England and is a breeding ground for storm and moisture.  An area of low pressure is developing to our SW and will travel through our coastal waters tomorrow spreading rain and snow through most of New England.  Snow will break out in almost all areas around 5AM Wednesday morning and will pick up in intensity later in the morning.  The air for the first half of the storm will be cold enough for snow but without a cold high pressure center to our north, milder air will start flowing up from the south and off the ocean this will begin changing snow to rain.  It will happen first in SE MA and will essentially wash away any slushy accumulations that occur in the first few hours.  It will then work up the South Shore and into the Boston area by midday but not after a few hours of snow resulting in a couple of slushy inches.  Further inland, the warmer air will have a tougher time penetrating and may not change snow to rain until the end of the event in the afternoon…thus snow amounts will be higher 2-4″ from 128 to 495 and then 4-6″ beyond 495 to the north and west.  The storm will wind down with the last few flakes and drops falling during the evening commute.  The timing isn’t good with this storm…the morning commute…but other than that, this should be a relatively easy one.

Following the storm, we await an arctic blast…a coldfront will slip through Thursday afternoon with a flurry and plummeting temps for Friday.


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