Everett High School Principal Suspended 2 Days For ‘Terminator’ Spoof

EVERETT (CBS) – The principal of Everett High School has been suspended without pay for two days after using a video with violent images to introduce himself to students.

The video features new principal Principal Erick Naumann walking the halls of the school as “The Terminator” saying “we’re all doomed.”

The video was played for students during last week’s morning announcements and most students believe it has been misinterpreted.

But the school committee held a special meeting Monday night to discuss Naumann’s future, including the possibility of suspension which superintendent Frederick Foresteire supported as a way to send a message.

“Think before you act,” he said, especially in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

Nauman received applause and support during the meeting from many parents and students who say he’s made a different in the lives of children.

Naumann has been in the Everett school system for 15 years but just started this month as the principal of the high school.

Media teacher Roy Barrows, who helped Naumann make the video, was also suspended for two days without pay.

  • http://writingshares.com/abc-news-video-everett-massachusetts-parents-complain-about-new-principal-erick-naumanns-the-terminator-2-parody-the-naumannator/ ABC News Video: Everett, Massachusetts – Parents Complain About New Principal Erick Naumann’s “The Terminator 2″ Parody, “The Naumannator” | WritingShares.com

    […] According to CBS Boston, the principal was suspended for two days for making the Terminator parody. Overall, this is not a terrible response. It’s a minor school-board action that was not in any real sense meant to punish anyone. It was obviously meant to make it look like the school district takes the issue seriously. If the board really believed that this was any kind of real threat, they would have fired Naumann. […]

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