FOXBORO (CBS) — The Patriots hadn’t even earned their spot in next Sunday’s AFC Championship Game when one Ravens player jumped offsides with some trash talk.

Brendon Ayanbadejo, who recorded no statistics in Saturday’s double-overtime win in Denver, shared his thoughts on the Patriots’ hurry-up offense. The 36-year-old linebacker apparently wasn’t very impressed.

“New England does some suspect stuff on offense. Can’t really respect it. Comparable to a cheap shot [before] a fight ,” Ayanbadejo tweeted from his account, @Brendon310. “If so you see the hurry snap offense catch [the defense before] they set up. It’s a gimmick. Their offense is good enough to be successful with out that .”

To that point, Ayanbadejo’s comments probably wouldn’t have been noticed by many folks, but then he unleashed on the Patriots.

“You know the same organization that did spygate and cut a guy the day [before] the Super Bowl,” he tweeted before adding “18-1.”

He then said that “in a sport that is predicated on mano y mano,” the concept of rushing to the line and trying to catch the defense off guard is less than honorable (he used an unprintable word to express that sentiment).

Ayanbadejo then tweeted a link to Bart Scott saying “Can’t wait!” on the Gillette Stadium field, before retweeting himself twice.

Ayanbadejo’s intentions can be questioned, but he undoubtedly turned himself from a nobody into a somebody in New England for the next seven days.

Update: Ayanbadejo apparently woke up with a bit of regret, as he tweeted the following around 11 a.m.:

“I made selfish comments on twitter last night that reflected poorly upon myself, my teammates, and the organization. For that I apologize.”

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