SALEM (CBS) – It has been 9 years since St. Joseph’s closed but this week the church will finally be demolished.

The demolition means sadness for some and progress for others.

Rita Darisse was married at St. Joe’s and her five children were baptized in it.

“I just cant swallow it, it’s too much for me,” Darisse said.

Since the Archdiocese of Boston closed the parish as part of efforts to save money, a battle has raged over what should become of the building.

Some history buffs led by lawyer John Carr fought bitterly to preserve it to no avail.

For former parishioners like Larry Ouellette, they are still struggle with the change.

The stained glass windows and other sacred items were all moved elsewhere, long before workers gutted the church interior and pulled down the steeple.

The rest of the demolition begins Thursday morning.

A four-story apartment building will replace the church come next Thanksgiving.


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