Jermaine Wiggins joined Felger and Massarotti for a “Wiggy Tuesday.” In this weeks edition of 10 Questions with Wiggy, the guys discussed R.G. III, the return of the NHL, television shows, Texans-Pats, and much more.

10 Questions for Wiggy:
10. Do you blame anyone for the handling of Robert Griffin III on Sunday in Washington?

9. What would your first two lines look like this year if you coached the Bruins?

8. We all heard Brent Musberger, last night, checking out AJ McCaron’s girlfriend. Honest, Wiggy. Next to your wife, what fellow player in the NFL had the hottest wife? Tony, what baseball player you covered has/had the hottest wife?

7. A columnist at the Oregoneon newspaper, who covers the Ducks, wrote yesterday that the reason Chip Kelly has turned down all NFL offers and returned to Oregon is because he’s waiting for the Patriots job to open up. It’s his real dream job. So Wiggy, I ask you: You can choose from Josh McDaniels, Chip Kelly, Bill O’Brien or anyone else. Who do you want to be the next Patriots head coach?

6. I asked you this morning what you’ve been watching on TV and you responded, word-for-word, via text: “Real Housewives of Atlanta, Love and Hip Hop, Basketball wives LA.” Apparently, the highest-rated show in Boston this week was Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. Please explain the differences.

5. Arian Foster has taken a portion of a Dan Shaughnessy column and made it his twitter avatar to motivate him this week. In your 11 years in the NFL, what the best example of you using what a media member or an opposing player said as motivation for you?

4. Other than Tuukka Rask and Tyler Seguin, who is the single most important player on the Bruins this season?

3. You’ve seen Django Unchained, correct? I haven’t, but according to accounts the N-word is used 110 times in the movie. Are you okay with that? Why or why not?

2. Does the Ray Lewis murder charge get underplayed in his retirement story?

1. Key to the game for the Patriots Sunday against the Texans.

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