By Chris Curtis, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) — In what has become an annual occurrence, we are now three Patriot wins away from more Tom Brady postseason history, a career that has and will always be inextricably linked with and eerily similar to Tom’s childhood hero, Joe Montana.

Some numbers for your personal edification … .

Brady’s game against the Texans this Sunday evening at Gillette will mark his 23rd career playoff start, tying him with Montana’s career total.

A win by the Patriots Sunday will make Brady 17-6 in his playoff career, which will give him one more victory than Montana and make him the winningest starting quarterback in NFL playoff history. (Peyton Manning’s next playoff loss will tie him with Brett Favre with 11, the most losses in NFL playoff history). It will also make Brady’s next start in the AFC championship a record 24th playoff start at QB and would break Montana’s record of 23.

A victory over the Texans would send  Brady to his  seventh conference championship game (tying Montana’s mark), meaning that in his 11 healthy seasons as starter, 64 percent will have landed him in the NFL’s version of the final four, a number never before seen and almost certainly not to be seen again.

Two more playoff victories and Brady will secure a spot in his sixth Super Bowl (meaning TB12 will have had more than half of his healthy seasons as starting QB end in The Big Game, another stunning achievement), a mark even less likely to be seen again from a quarterback in NFL history.

Three more wins and Brady will once again tie Montana (and Terry Bradshaw) with 4 Super Bowl championships.

The fact is that Tom Brady is on the precipice of breaking records we once thought were unreachable less than 15 years ago. While Manning is trying to avoid Favre’s NFL record of playoff futility, Brady is three wins away from immortality.

Set aside some time and enjoy the ride — you will be reliving these games for decades to come.

Chris Curtis is the producer for 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The Adam Jones Show. Follow him on Twitter @_ChrisCurtis.


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