AMESBURY (CBS) – One couple is making sure they never forget their anniversary.

If they were to forget, all they would need to do is ask the mail carrier.

That’s because Cheryl Bennett and Steven DeLong are planning a wedding on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.

The date, 01-9-13 is also the zip code for the town of Amesbury.

According to an article in the Eagle Tribune, DeLong, 45, works at his family’s mechanic business in town and considers himself a “townie.” Bennett, 31, is a long-time Amesbury resident as well.

Both on their second marriage, the two say they thought it would be fun to bring their families together on a date that won’t happen again for another century and is a special day in the town.

They plan to get married in the gazebo in the center of town Wednesday evening in a brief ceremony, they told the paper.


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