A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Gotta love the story from the weekend about “Club 64”, a brand new dop den that has opened…..where else…but in mile “high” Denver, Colorado.  Yup it’s true!  From one of the first states to legalize medicinal marijuana, the slippery slope now brings us to “Club 64.”

The club got its name from the legislative number that got the legal pot bill passed, and what it is, is a place to go and get stoned.   You’ve gotta bring your own weed…which I’m sure was grown for medicinal purposes only, and of course bring your own “munchies” because the joint won’t serve food or drink.   Bring your own pot, roll yourself a bone or two right there at the “Club” and inhale ’till you’re Rocky Mountain High.   Oh yuh, they’re gonna charge you $29.95 to get in the door, but after that…it’s just flyin’ time.   Smoke your pot to your heart’s content and it’s all perfectly legal.    As my friend George says…repeatedly…..”what a great country!”

Oh don’t get me wrong, pot is not legal in the U S of A.  In fact to the best of my knowledge it’s not legal in any country, but in certain places, where the slopes are slippery…..starting with the Netherlands and a few other spots around the world, it’s not legal but go ahead and smoke your weed and the law will just wink at you.     “Club 64” in Denver takes it to the next level.    It doesn’t have to be for medicinal purposes….just get yourself some wacky weed, come on down to “Club 64” and puff, puff, puff with the rest of your counterparts from the great unwashed.

I understand there are 13 or 14 states that now allow possession and use of pot for medicinal purposes…….or at least that’s the way it was introduced.   In California, everything is ok so I don’t even count them, but quite frankly, some of the others surprised me: Michigan, Rhode Island, Maryland and yes Maine surprised me.   Hawaii not really, Alaska, why not (not much else to do there) Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and Colorado…not a huge surprise.   The People’s Republic of Vermont puffin’ away is no surprise, but I have to say, Massachusetts was a surprise….on several fronts; legalizing pot…and…sending one of the worst candidates in the history of politics to the U.S. Senate.  My goodness Massachusetts voters….what could you be thinking?

I know…a lot of people…including the majority of my friends disagree with me on this issue, but I said it…and I’m glad.  When a Club 64 opens on a street corner in Hamilton or Wellesley, I’ll remind you.


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