BOSTON (CBS) -When Brian Scalabrine takes the court for Toucher & Rich’s “Scallenge,” he doesn’t think he’ll have much of a challenge against those that think they can beat the former NBA player one-on-one.

“I play with the Celtics coaching staff all the time,” a confident Scalabrine told Toucher & Rich on Friday. “Unless you guys are somehow going to get Tyronn Lue to play against me, which I doubt you will, then I am supremely confident that I’m going to be able to take care of this very quickly.”

T&R are searching for three talented ballers in Boston to go one-on-one with the White Mamba, so Scal can prove once and for all that even the last guy on a pro basketball bench is still better than you. Click here to learn how to enter for your chance to play against Scal.

Scalabrine is brimming with confidence in his defense against anyone who takes the court against him.

“What do they feel like they’re going to be able to get off? They’re not going to be able to get a shot off because they’re probably not going to be as tall,” he said confidently. “And if they are, then they’re not going to be quick enough and they won’t have the size.”

After the trio of one-on-0ne games, Fred, Rich and Wallach will lace them up to take Scal on three-on-one. Scalabrine was realistic about that matchup, saying that there’s no way he can defend the whole floor, but if he manages to beat them then it will reflect poorly on the three.

“Three-on-one, if I beat you guys this is going to be a bad reflection on you guys,” he said. “I think you guys are going to be surprised about the size; when I go up for a layup there is really nothing you’ll be able to do.”

Rich said he will be in the paint, attempting to draw a charge on the 6-9 Scal.

“Good luck with that. If you want to do that, good luck with that,” Scal told Rich. “That’s really sacrificing for the greater good of 98.5.”


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