BOSTON (CBS) –  For those wondering why Rex Ryan has stuck with Mark Sanchez through all the quarterback’s struggles, look no further than his right arm.

While the Jets’ head coach was enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, shortly after his team finished the season 6-10, the New York Daily News took an interesting picture of Ryan.

No, it has nothing to do with him reading a book; although that might strike some as interesting. It’s the tattoo on his right bicep, featuring a woman that looks a lot like his wife, Michelle, wearing a Sanchez jersey — and nothing else.

Even more baffling about the arm ink? It looks like the female is “Tebowing.”

Ryan stuck with the struggling quarterback throughout the dismal Jets’ season, with Sanchez throwing just 13 touchdowns to his 18 interceptions (with nine fumbles as well).

But with Ryan, you always have to expect the unexpected.


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