By Melissa Mack, WBZ-TV

Yesterday sent chills up and down our spines! It was a ‘get-your-car-started-early’ and ‘wear-every-layer-possible’ type of day!

Today will feel like a nice reprieve from the arctic cold blast. It will be a partly sunny day with breezy southwest winds reaching 20-25mph at times. High temps will be in the middle 30s. It will be a few degrees cooler across southwestern NH and a few degrees warmer near Cape Cod.

The first weekend of 2013 will continue in the same direction as Friday. Saturday will be mostly sunny with highs in the middle to upper 30s. A few snow showers will sneak into Southern New England late Saturday night and depart on Sunday morning. Otherwise, Sunday will be a mostly cloudy day with highs in the middle 30s once again.

Monday will be a one-day stint of cooler air as we back down to the lower 30s. At least it will be a sunny day.
Then, the January thaw takes hold! Tuesday will be in the 40s while Wednesday and Thursday show signs of highs in the 45-50F range! The GFSx and the EURO have some timing issues with a cold front. The GFSx has rain pummeling the region starting Wednesday evening. The EURO holds it off for another 24-36 hours leaving us dry until late Thursday. Regardless, mild air will work into our neighborhoods the middle part of next week as we continue to melt some of the crispy, crunchy leftover snow.

Happy FRRRiday!
~Melissa :)


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